Topic Task Tips

  • Spend time choosing and preparing your topic. Choose a topic that interests you and that you can spend up to four minutes talking about. 
  • Try to think of a topic that includes lots of language of ISE I. For example, a topic that helps you to give reasons and opinions and discuss the past and the future. 
  • Use a range of different language functions from the level. 
  • Think of the language you will need and the questions the examiner might ask you. 
  • Think of questions you can ask the examiner about your topic. 
  • Practise listening to English in addition to speaking it — you are tested on your interactive listening skills (how well you follow the conversation), so practise having conversations in English.
  • Don’t choose a technical topic — it’s difficult to remember technical vocabulary in the exam. 
  • Don’t memorise a script — you can plan ideas and phrases for your topic, but remember that  the topic is a discussion and it is important to be natural.

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