Writing Tips

  • Look at the question carefully (How many different ideas are there in the question? How many ideas do you have to write in your answer?)

  • Practise writing in three stages:

    1. plan what you want to write
    2. write your answer
    3. check your writing/answer

  • Check your work to see if it is: 

    1. organised (Have you used paragraphs? Does it have a  conclusion?)
    2. appropriate (Have you answered the question? Have you thought  about who will read your writing?)
    3. accurate (Is your spelling correct? Have you used capital letters and full stops?) - legible (Is it easy to read?).

  • Practise writing in English outside class — for example, write reviews of films or books you  have enjoyed, take part in discussions on the Internet in English or write emails or messages to friends in English

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