• Music Tracks

    What is Music Tracks?

    • Music Tracks uses brand new commissioned pieces by composers with in depth knowledge of whole class and small group teaching.
    • Engaging and with a wide breadth of styles, Music Tracks will make music lessons fun and exploratory.

    Music Tracks - musical pathways for young musicians

    • Music Tracks is an innovative new programme for young musicians who learn in whole-class and small-group environments. It aims to inspire them, right from when they first pick up an instrument, to explore the work of musicians and composers from the world around them. It promotes creative and collaborative music-making through exciting repertoire and resources, setting young learners on the road to becoming lifelong music-makers
    • Small Group Track exams are group exams where each candidate is individually assessed. Find out more below.

    First Access Track

    First access resources for music hubs and music teachers.

    Teacher Resources

    Resources for whole class and small group music lessons.

    Small Group Tracks

    Find out more about our brand new books and exams.