Topic outline

  • ISE Reading & Writing - practice computer-based test

    Watch the video for a tutorial on taking a practice computer-based test. Then click a link below to take the relevant practice test.

    • Computer-based practice test tutorial

      This video shows you how to navigate the computer-based practice test and how to use the tools available to you.

      Watch this video before trying the practice exam below and remember, the practice tests are not a 100% identical copy of the real live test.

      • ISE I (B1) computer-based practice test

        Try the ISE I (B1) Reading & Writing practice computer based test for yourself.

        You will need to have Flash enabled to try the practice test. Please note you cannot launch the practice test on mobile devices.

      • Further resources and practice materials

        Don't forget - the language skills required for the computer-based exam are the same as those required for the paper-based exam. 

        All the preparation materials here will also help you to get ready for your exam.