• Certificate for Music Educators

    The Trinity CME is a brand new vocational qualification for music educators in the UK and Ireland.

    • The Level 4 qualification is unique approach to reflective practice for music teachers in any context, and is a valuable professional development programme for teachers at any stage of their careers.


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    Why the Trinity CME matters

    The CME is all about helping music educators take charge of developing their own skills and knowledge – resulting in greater job satisfaction and better musical learning for children and young people.

    Any music educator can be a part of the CME – home teachers, primary teachers, peripatetic teachers, musicians doing outreach projects, community music leaders... the list is long. What connects these different music educators is the core principles that underpin their work. That’s where the CME comes in – it shows you these principles and encourages you to find out what they look like in your own working environment.

    A big strength of the CME is that its core principles were agreed through an open consultation process with music educators. This process saw hundreds of music educators contribute their thoughts on what was important in their work – from planning and understanding behaviour strategies to special needs and choosing the right resources. These ideas were carefully developed into the qualification that became the CME, so you can be sure that the CME reflects the latest definition of what it takes to be a good music educator.

    Another great thing about the CME is that it is taken in and around your work. Registered with a local centre, your CME experience could involve training and study, which you will then apply directly to your work. When it’s time to be assessed you’ll be observed in your workplace, either in person or on video. You’ll also put together a portfolio of materials that show your approach to teaching and your knowledge of the CME’s core principles.

    Visit for contact details on local CME centres – please note that more centres are being added all the time, so it’s worth checking regularly. This page also tells you more about the content of the CME.