For candidates taking ISE Reading & Writing on a computer, here are some useful resources including practice activities and tutorial videos. 

The language skills required for the computer-based exam are the same as for the paper-based exam, so don't forget you can use all the learning resources available here too.

Only book this option if you can use a computer and a UK keyboard.  If you have any special needs please contact our Customer Support Team before booking by calling 0333 358 3183 or sending us an email at

Click here to try some activities which will teach you what you need to do in each task of your computer-based ISE Reading & Writing test. 

a desktop computer screen

Click here for a tutorial video and to take a practice ISE Reading & Writing computer-based test. 

Click here to access information about your test and your test day.

a pair of headphones

The Speaking & Listening exam will still be face-to-face with one of our examiners. It is the same whether you are taking the computer or paper-based Reading & Writing exam. Click to access our ISE I, ISE II and ISE III resources to help you prepare.